Joanna Czech skincare routine at night

joanna czech skincare

Skincare expert Joanna Czech skincare routine at night. She said Treat your muscles like a dough and your skin like a sponge. Here are the steps that she mentioned.

Makeup Remover

Firstly, It is necessary to remove makeup as the first step of skincare at night. So, She starts with removing mascara and any makeup. If you have a thick layer of makeup then you could apply saturated eye patches on your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Facial Cleansing

joanna czech skincare soothing gel

She uses a soothing cleansing gel by Exquisite for deep cleaning. This soothing cleansing gel is for sensitive skin. However, Joanna Czech has sensitive skin. So she loves to use it in her skincare routine at night. So She mixes it slightly with water and simply rubs it on her face and wash it with warm water.

Facial oil

She uses pre-cleanse oil and gave importance to facial oil said oil dissolves oil and it’s perfect for any congested skin. She massages with oil gently, especially on the dehydrated area. Lastly, Use some water for oil activation and use a facial massage step through applying this oil.

The thin layer of hydrating mask

She uses a hydrating mask in the environment. It helps to clean and soften the inner layer of the skin. And use it twice a week. She removes the residue of this product with wash pads.

Joanna Czech Skincare Toner

joanna czech skincare toner

Whenever water touches your face the PH of your skin gets a little bit close to alkaline levels so use PH controlling toner. Her favorite toner is Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. This toner is great for any skin type. Use the toner with press release motion or use it with cotton pads.

After toner for her skincare Joanna Czech routine, uses a four-latte sparkling gel pack super oxygenating mask. Use it all over the face. After applying it leave it for about 7 minutes if you have reactive skin and normally you can leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it with water. Moreover, You can apply this gel pack mask on your neck.

After washing your face with water remember to use toner again. Use toner as I said before. After that, it is a great time to use your serums.

Eye Cream

She applies two eye products she uses Capture Total eye cream and Protective Nourishment eye glow serum. Use those gently with your ring finger up to your choice. As a result, It helps to remove the blackness of the eyes.


joanna czech skincare moisturizer

She uses a cream mask vernix by Biologique. She mixes moisturizer with a few drops of Seven Mix oil and massages it together and massages it with a roller. This keeps the skin the skin hydrated.


and above all is the way Joanna Czech skincare at night is completed.

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