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The dark spot around eyes is something that lots of people suffer from as well I also suffered. I’m always looking for ways that will help me to reduce the dark circles under eyes permanently.

For some people this is just genetics like your father or mother have it now you have. You might have this in your family. However dark circles under eyes are common in pigmented people. Especially south Asians tend to have dark under eye circles.

If you don’t want to get chemical peels or lasers then you are in the right place.

So the question is what can we do about removing dark circles naturally?

To remove dark circles first you need to know what the causes are.

What gives us a dark circle around eyes?

Well it’s a combination of things, like

  • The pigment of your skin
  • Blood vessels that are under your skin
  • Thickness of skin
  • Lastly fluid build-up under the eyes. That happens because of sleep.

Basic Things to do to prevent dark spot around eyes


Firstly you need to sleep more. I know it is a lot easier to say than actually to sleep more. But getting seven to eight hours of sleep is very essential not just for your body but also for your circadian rhythms. If you don’t get enough sleep your skin starts to look dull, dry, and dark.

The best way to sleep is elevating your bed with a couple of pillows at night and that’s just going to make sure that the fluid is draining towards your feet instead of pulling up near your face area.


Secondly, to do is hydrate yourself. If you are not drinking water in quantity if you have eaten lots of salty foods or if you have been drinking a lot of alcohol the night before. Then you and your body know that you need water.

In addition, your eyelid skin is the thinnest in your body. However, the combination of the amount of fluid in that very delicate under eyes. So, if you are not drinking water properly then the under of your eyes blood vessels are going to be more visible because there’s no fluid. So staying hydrated is the key.


Lastly, if you already have some pigmentation in your skin. The best way to naturally remove dark spot around eyes is not to get them in the first place. Wear sun cream, a hat, and sunglasses when you are outside if it’s a very sunny day.

What are the natural ways to remove dark circles under the eyes?

You can solve this problem by using caffeine, treating your allergies, medication, and many more.


You can do it either by applying it under your eyes or even if you just drink a lot of coffee or green tea. You can apply green tea bags also.

Green tea has antioxidants it helps a lot and it’s good for your skin. Use decaffeinated green tea bags and put them into the freezer. Wait until it’s cold. Then use it on your use for 10 minutes daily like a month you will see results.

Caffeine is a basal constrictor. That means it shrinks your blood vessels down. Caffeine can temporarily help to remove under-eye darkening. Besides, lots of eye creams have caffeine in them.  It is good for the quick fix. Make sure to drink lots of water to balance with coffee.

Treat your allergies

If you have allergies, then you get lots of histamine. Histamine causes blood vessels to dilate and then releases an inflammatory cascade of allergies and cytokines and it makes everything very leaky. So, it makes those blood vessels underneath the eyes more visible.

So you need to find out what you are allergic to and treat your allergies. Go to a doctor have medicine and get them down.

Medication for Dark circles around eyes

Pataday drop is a great drop.


Cut cucumber into thick slices then put it on your eyes for about 10 minutes. Then wash your face every day. Do it every day.

Cold compress

Cold compresses are great not just for the eyes but also for the darkness under the eyes. Because it constricts the blood vessels. Clod compress daily for 10 to 20 minutes.

Besides that, you can use a cold spoon or you can use your jade roller by throwing that into the freezer. These thing helps to remove dark spots around the eyes.

Moisturizers for Dark spot around eyes

There are plenty of moisturizers that might help to reduce dark circles. Use moisturizers that contain caffeine.

Ayurveda Medicine

  • Almond oil
    Mix almond oil with vitamin E then gently apply it before going to bed. Use cold water to wash your face in the morning.
  • Castor oil
  • Turmeric
    Turmeric is great for the eyes because it’s a natural antioxidant. The chemical in turmeric is curcumin. Applying these things to your eyes helps decrease inflammation. You can remove your dark circles by applying those formulas naturally.

Other than the natural way you can remove dark spots around eyes by medical treatment.

  • Laser treatment
  • Chemical peels
  • Eye cream

I recommend applying any cream or chemical peels or doing laser treatment after seeing a doctor. So go to a skin doctor before applying any of these.

You can remove dark circles in both natural and medical ways. To prevent dark spots from appearing again sleep properly, drink lots of water, use caffeine, tea bag oils, etc.

This is not healthy if you have dark circles. There are many ways to remove dark spot around eyes. You know what is best for you.


If you got results from this article then comment below.


Source from
Mayo Clinic
Doctor: Dr. Rupa Wong

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