Benefits of Dermarolling Complete Guide

Benefits of Dermarolling

There are so many benefits of dermarolling. Moreover, Dermarolling or microneedling can reduce scars and wrinkles. And it can help to improve the overall skin.

On a rolling or stamp device, there are thousands of tiny needles are inserted into the skin and this is called dermarolling or microneedling.

Dermaroller Needles Size

The size depends on the skin problem. See the below table for a better understanding.

Skin Problem  and Needle Size:

 Normal acne scars          1 mm
deep acne scars               1.5 mm
skin discolor                      0.25-1.0 mm
sun damage                       0.5-1.5 mm
uneven skin tone             0.5 mm
wrinkles                              0.5-1.5 mm

How to Use Dermarolling

  1. First, Sanitize your roller before using it for 5-10 minutes,
  2. Wash your face with a gentle pH-balanced cleanser,
  3. Depending on your skin problem adjust the needle size.
  4. After using it wash your face,
  5.  Clean your dermarollar and sanitize it again,
  6. Finally, you can continue your daily skincare routine.

Remember, Don’t use it on active acne.

How often do you need to use dermarolling?

0.25 mm:            every other day

0.5 mm:              1–2 times a week

1.0 mm:              every 10–14 days

1.5 mm:              once every 3–4 weeks

2.0 mm:              every 6 weeks 

Benefits of Dermarolling

Using dermarolling can speed up the healing of your skin. And, Firming the top layer of the skin. It can help remove fine lines and wrinkles.

It can reduce the size of facial pores. And, Minimize acne scars. Lightening skin. And, It helps the absorption of skincare products.

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