Smoking Lips Treatment Guide And Tips

Smoking Lips Treatment

Quitting smoking is the first step in the process of getting your pick lips back. The best treatment for your smoking lips. By quitting smoking can stop further damage to the lips and your lungs.

However, if you cannot stop smoking then drink lots of water. Water can throw out toxins from your system.

Tips For Lighting Lips


Lip skin is elegant. So, It would be best if you treated them with care. You can make exfoliations at home or buy them from stores.

  • kosher salt or sugar
  • almond oil or coconut oil

By mixing those ingredients you can make a great exfoliator. Gently massaging the mixture on your lips can exfoliate your lips. You can use your hand for massaging or a soft brush can do the work as well.


Mixing honey and lemon juice is a natural lip-lighting treatment. Apply it for 30 min or you can have it overnight. Then gently remove the mixture with clean clothes.

Vitamin E

Lip masks containing turmeric, lemon, or lime may help to lessen the darkening. And, use a lip mask by mixing it with vitamin E oil. Once a day.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment can remove darkness from your lips. But it is only done by a dermatologist. Laser treatment will take months to recover.

Lip Balm

Avoid too much sun exposure. Sun rays can damage your lips too. So, use a lip balm every time you go out.

Use lip balm after using the mixture or any other treatment you have.


I know, that quitting smoking is not possible in one day. If you smoke or don’t smoke you should take care of your lips regularly. Smoking can cause lip wrinkles. If you cannot quit smoking then take good care of your lips. And, Smoking lips need a fine treatment.

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