Dark spot from pimple solution

dark spot from pimple

Dark spot from pimple is a very common thing. The dark spot is when the patch of your skin becomes dark the medical term for this is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is too much pigmentation.

Acne pimples go away but their spots remain on the skin for a long time. Because of that skin always looks uneven and doesn’t look clean.

Why do appear dark spot from pimple?

Hyper-pigmentation happens because of inflammation. This type of skin darkening is therefore called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is an area because inflamed and irritated and once it all clams down you are left with some dark patches in the area where the itchiness initially was.

Now this inflammation could have been because of acne pimples.

Local inflammation sends these little chemical messages to the melanocyte telling it that it needs to start producing some more pigment the regular structure of the base of the skin that keeps the melanocytes and all of the melanin pigment above it also gets disrupted by the inflammation and you then get some pigment leaking into the deeper levels of your skin and staying there.

How to treat dark spot from pimple?

There are some categories of treatment options to fix dark spot from acne.

Vitamin C serum

This works for all kinds of dark spots. Derivatives that can go deeper in the dermis and increase collagen production.

Vitamin C is part of the collagen synthesis pathway so you might see some benefits of using vitamin C.  Ascorbic acid is the common ingredient or active ingredient of vitamin C serums.

Product suggestion

Please don’t leave your serums by the window where the sunlight can come and get them and deactivate them or oxidize or decrease the potency of your vitamin C serum.

How to apply?

If your serum comes with a doper form drop it directly on your finger and apply it on your skin. Rules are one drop for one quadrant of the face. The quadrants are the left cheek, right cheek, forehead and, nose & chin. Use it gently on your skin.

Aloe Vera

You can follow the below steps,

First, take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and wash it thoroughly with water remove the shallow material thoroughly so that it does not damage your skin

Secondly, cut a small piece of Aloe Vera leaf cut Aloe Vera leaf in half with a clean knife the put some honey on it. Honey moisturizes our skin and makes our skin soft and supple.

Finally, now apply it on your face in a circular motion for 5 minutes after applying it two to three times you will get amazing results.


Sunscreen doesn’t brighten your skin but it prevents dark spots getting more dark. You can use mineral sunscreen and have iron oxide.

Skincare Product For dark spot from acne

Topical products with specific targeted ingredients. For more superficial forms of hyperpigmentation such as pimple scars and sunspots.

Topical skin care products can work wonders on these if you have just a little bit of patience over several months and beyond these can help.

Product suggestion

This have retinol, niacin amide and licorice root extract

This is a great topical version of oral pill tranexamic acid. This can treat dark spot from pimple including melisma.

This product is contented,

  • Koje acid
  • Niacin amide
  • Licorice root extract
  • Cruelty-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben free  

Oral Medication

Certain oral pills, if you take them by mouth can help fade some types of dark spots.

Tranexamic Acid

I recommend being taken only by prescription under the care of a dermatologist because there can be side effects, especially in those people who have thrombotic risk factors.

Procedures for dark spot

Treatment in the office by a professional can help improve the dark spot from pimple.

  • Cryotherapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Microneedling
  • Laser treatment

Know your pigment depth

Know how deep in your skin is that dark spot because this will matter when it comes time to pick how you will treat your dark spots. So that you can get true improvement and you don’t waste your time and money.

So the skin has layers and the dark spots can be either very superficial where the pigment is just a the very top layers of the skin or they can be deeper into the dermis, or the deeper layers of the skin.

You will be able to have a good general idea of how your pigment is if you know what your exact diagnosis of dark spots is it is lentigo, or is it a sunspot, form pimples or is it an entirely separate process called melisma?

If you have no clue where they come from you don’t have acne or rashes on the face or any other explanation please see a dermatologist to figure out what’s going on before you start self-treating.

Stop the progression

You are getting dark spots for a reason. Something is going on with your skin that is creating these dark spots.

So, is this good to spend the time and money on routines and products to remove dark spots if you just keep making new dark spots? So before you start cleaning up your skin let’s address the initial insult to the skin first.

For example, one of the most common types of dark spots on the skin is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne.

We have to fix your acne first before we delve too deeply into fixing your dark spot from pimple.

Inflammation always makes dark spots worse this includes scratching and rubbing the area so you should always avoid doing that.

If you have inflamed areas of your skin see your dermatologist or your primary care doctors as soon as you can. Avoid sun use sunscreen and don’t scratch your skin.


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